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Yes, I've been at the quizzes again. Really, someone should stop me before the boredom becomes too much!

Insanity Test
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How to make a stella hargrove

3 parts intelligence

3 parts brilliance

5 parts instinct
Blend at a low speed for 30 seconds. Add a little cocktail umbrella and a dash of lustfulness
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Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

Last Friday I had a shoot-out with rival gang lords on the 5 near LA (-76 points). Last Thursday I gave bothropsatrox a life-saving blood transfusion (50 points). In January I didn't flush (-1 points). In June I stole drawingdaily's purse (-30 points). In February I gave natalies_junk a kidney (1000 points).

Overall, I've been nice (943 points). For Christmas I deserve a new dolly!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:
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Title: About Time

Author: Stella Hargrove

Pairing(s): Remus/Charlie

Rating: NC-17

Category: Romance, PWP,

Summary: As preparations for Ron and Hermione’s wedding commence, another romance brews.

Warnings: Felching

Disclaimer: The Harry Potter universe belongs to J.K. Rowling, Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic, and Warner Bros., among others. No profit is being made from this; it’s all in fun.

Author's Notes: This was written for the hp_backtosmut fic exchange for caramellis, who requested wall sex, UST, dirty talk, first time for the couple, angry sex and rimming. As always, feedback is very much appreciated. I’ve been toying with not revealing a characters identity immediately, and I’d love any constructive comments on that!

About TimeCollapse )
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Well, it's been forever since I've posted, but what can I say, I've been busy. Speaking of, I've just finished uploading all my fics to hpfandom.net, and I've gotten tons of reads already. Mwahahahahaaaaa! So, in other news, I've got a new fic to post!

Title: He’ll Come Along

Author: Stella Hargrove

Pairing: Draco/Ron, implied surprise pairing(s)

Rating: NC-17

Category: PWP, Humor

Summary: Ron’s got some built up tension. Draco helps him relax it; after all, he’s partly to blame. Hints at HP/DM and HP/DM/RW.

Warnings: Sexually Explicit Content, Voyeurism

Disclaimer: The Harry Potter universe belongs to J.K. Rowling, Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic, and Warner Bros., among others. No profit is being made from this; it’s all in fun.

Author’s Notes: This was written for the hp_backtosmut fic exchange at LiveJournal for ungratefulwench who requested angsty-but-urgent sex, resolved sexual tension, and some plot. I did my best to satisfy, and, if you squint, there’s even some plot hinted at, although perhaps it’s better qualified as plotting. Oh! And there’s art… er rough sketching, so see the below entry.

He'll Come AlongCollapse )
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It's not work safe people!
Click the pic to zoom in cause it looks crappy as is.
And, the scan quality is rather shitty. I suppose
I'll edit it eventually, when I'm not so tired.
It's messy, and I don't much care for Harry really but, oh well.

He&apos;ll Come Along - companion sketch He'll Come Along - companion sketch

A very quickly drawn sketch of a scene from one of my fics.

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Well, I've written the lead up to the smutty goodness. Okay, I wrote that shortly after I got the assignment, and I haven't written anything since. Granted, their were end of term exams at the University to deal with, but we've been out for over a month so I really have no excuse. It's not due for a while though; I've got about a month. I'm just feeling less than inspired on the fanfic front lately. I'm just not sure where I want to take it. I'm going to go review the assignment. I dunno, I always have an easier time with the smut than the plot.
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So... I've entered a fic exchange at hp_backtosmut. bothropsatrox entered and pointed it out to me. I'll be betaing her fic and writing one of my own, but it's not due til August so no worries. I'll be out of school and probably bored out of my mind anyway. I've already gotten started on my fic, purely by accident. I had just finished panicking to the above mentioned author, and one of the images all my fics are based on popped into my head. I'm not going to say a word about it though, since it's supposed to be a surprise and all. I don't want to accidently give it away. I think I'm going to have fun with it though. I needed something to force me to write. School kinda saps most of my inspiration.

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Haha! Well, "A Fortunate Accident" is already floating around in Italian on Nocturne Alley under Arc en Ciel. I've learned a little Italian navigating the site, too. She's also done "I Love Bill Weasley" and "No Place for Secrets". And today, I got an email asking to translate "A Fortunate Accident" into Russian. Yay! I'm all a flutter now. Now, if I can just get the time to translate them into Spanish, though I have no idea where I'd post them once I've done so.


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Hello all. I've finally written another fic, after a very long break. For more info on the snake mentioned in the fic visit: a picture here and info here. Reviews are, as always, much appreciated!

Title: A Gift or Two

Author: Stella Hargrove

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Harry/ Severus

Category: PWP, Established Relationship

Disclaimer: The Harry Potter universe belongs to J.K. Rowling, Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic, and Warner Bros., among others. No profit is being made from this; it’s all in fun.

Warnings: Sexual Content, a little OOC

Summary: It’s Harry’s birthday, and he’ll thoroughly enjoy his gifts.

Author’s Notes: This is a birthday fic for one of the authors I beta for, Fer de Lance (aka bothropsatrox). I hope she likes it. This isn’t one of the pairings I usually write, though I’ve certainly read enough of it. Nor is it the way I prefer the pairing, so there’s a bit of compromise there, and Severus may be a bit OOC as a result. The Bothrops atrox snake is a highly poisonous snake found in Brazil and other tropical climates.

Read and Enjoy!Collapse )
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Hee. I've been having fun with quizzes. Sad thing, all of these are my first try. Scary. Do we see a pattern?

Which Harry Potter guy falls in love with you? by Chili
Who:Harry Potter
When......he sees you playing Quidditch.
How he tells you:He writes a love poem.
What you do then:Kick him.
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Which Harry Potter Guy Will Knock You Up? by jazzedsoprano
The FatherSeverus Snape
How/Why it happensNo reason..you're just a slut
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Who are your Husbands from Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter, and Pirates of the Caribbean? by orliana
What is your name?
Whats your favourites colour?
How old are you?
Your Lord of the Rings Husband is:Aragorn
Your Harry Potter Husband is:Sirius Black
Your Pirates of the Carribean is:Jack Sparrow
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Which Harry Potter male did you have an erotic night with?
by forsaken_dreams
BoyProfessor Snape
Where is happendHogsmead
Who saw itSome random muggles
Your punishmentNo one told, no punishment
Quiz created with MemeGen!

What Harry Potter character will you find under your bed? by kaitkaitkait
WhoSeverus Snape
You say:"My mother warned me about people like you."
He says:"I felt your need and I came as quickly as possible."
He comes out, holding abook, entitled 'Wizarding Kama Sutra'.
You react bysmiling evilly.
And finally......you have the most fantastic sex imaginable, every night for the rest of your lives.
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Seduced By A Hogwarts Professor (Preferably For The Girls, no Harry Potters please) by dezthewicked
Which Male Professor:Professor Severus Snape
Where:In The Shrieking Shack
What Pick-up Line Does He Use??"Fancy a F*CK?"
How Does He Do It?He fixes both of you a potion with many suspicious ingredients...but the high it gives you is unbelievable.
What Was it Like?*growl...!
Quiz created with MemeGen!
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